Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals. I'm a vegetarian because I hate plants.

Okay, it's eBay whoring time again. There are a ton of things I want to tell you guys but I've been super busy preparing for my trip to Australia on May 2nd. Which brings me to this little guy. This is the Green Man and he's up for ebay auction. If you're so inclined, please (please, please) feel free to bid on him. Please? C'mon, you know you wanna!

Okay, enough pathetic begging. Here's his listing.

THE GREEN MAN is a Kidrobot vinyl MUNNY figure designed by Pennsylvania-based artist STEVE MUSGRAVE. Steve has worked as an illustrator for Warmageddon Magazine, General Jinjur Comics, Killer Bunnies Inc., Wizards of the Coast, and a wide variety of others.

THE GREEN MAN is based on the ancient mythological figure of the same name. THE GREEN MAN'S body is decorated in a stone motif that is accentuated by emerald green flocking (“Flocking" is the process of depositing millions of little individual cut fiber particles [called "flock"] onto the surface of an article for the purpose of increasing the tactile sensation, aesthetics, color and appearance.)

Implanted in THE GREEN MAN'S head are long strands of faux ivy and he carries a hand-stained wooden walking staff.

THE GREEN MAN comes with a “Hello, my name is...” card illustrated with an original GREEN MAN logo. He also comes with the original MUNNY packaging and MUNNY coloring book #9.

THE GREEN MAN is a one-of-a-kind custom painted vinyl figure. There will never be another one like him! He is highly collectible!

The bidding is over. Thank you!